Date Title
2021/10/10 Financial Secretary: A new development paradigm with South-North dual engine
2021/10/06 Secretary for Justice: DoJ's major initiatives in 2021 Policy Address
2021/09/26 Financial Secretary: Prevent external intervention to protect Hong Kong's prosperity
2021/09/19 Financial Secretary: Moving towards governance and prosperity
2021/09/12 Financial Secretary: New stage, new space, new development
2021/09/07 Secretary for Justice: Qianhai Plan conducive to legal and dispute resolution service development
2021/08/30 Secretary for Justice: Rule of Law Journey: tracing the footsteps of Hong Kong's legal system
2021/08/29 Financial Secretary: Aligning mindset and vision
2021/08/22 Financial Secretary: Overarching planning, steady progression
2021/08/16 Secretary for Justice: Legal professionals should capitalise on their expertise
2021/07/31 Secretary for Justice: GBA exam creates opportunities for Hong Kong legal sector
2021/06/28 Secretary for Justice: “Why Hong Kong” webinars showcase our strengths
2021/06/27 Financial Secretary: Staying abreast with the times and keeping our mission firmly in mind
2021/06/13 Chief Secretary for Administration: Big strides on the mainland in a hundred years   Seize opportunities to propel Hong Kong forward   Nurture quality new generation   Encourage parents and students to get vaccinated
2021/06/06 Chief Secretary for Administration: Early vaccination for all and establish immune barrier   Nurture talents with multiple pathways and promote upward mobility
2021/05/30 Financial Secretary: The new milestone for governance and prosperity
2021/05/16 Financial Secretary: Decarbonisation and financial opportunities
2021/05/02 Chief Secretary for Administration: Unity of knowledge and practice plus strengthened training in discharging responsibilities   Get vaccinated as soon as possible and come through the epidemic
2021/04/11 Secretary for Justice: Why arbitrate in Hong Kong?
2021/04/04 Chief Secretary for Administration: New start, new platform and new landscape   Expedite local legislation   Resolve problems at root and get back on track
2021/03/28 Chief Secretary for Administration: Create jobs and grasp opportunities   Put Hong Kong on right track
2021/03/21 Financial Secretary: The 14th Five-Year Plan and Opportunities to Hong Kong
2021/03/16 Secretary for Development: Proactive integration into the overall development of the country
2021/03/14 Chief Secretary for Administration: Three pillars of the ocean: Resolve difficulties of Hong Kong, good governance and strive ahead
2021/03/14 Financial Secretary: Plugging the loopholes for effective governance
2021/03/14 Secretary for Justice: The 14th Five-Year Plan shows CPG's staunch support towards Hong Kong
2021/03/10 Secretary for Justice: Why Hong Kong is irreplaceable
2021/03/07 Chief Secretary for Administration: Resolving problems at root: improving HKSAR's electoral system without further ado   Contributing to Hong Kong's progress: long-term prosperity and stability must not be impaired
2021/02/28 Chief Secretary for Administration: HK should be governed by patriots to buttress long-term stability and prosperity   Get vaccinated, adopt multi-pronged approach to combat epidemic and maintain vigilance
2021/02/14 Chief Secretary for Administration: All-out efforts to combat the epidemic   New dawn and hope as Year of Ox begins
2021/02/07 Chief Secretary for Administration: All-out efforts to combat the epidemic   Welcome in a safe and healthy new year   Government strives to improve people's livelihood and maintain Hong Kong's stability
2021/02/07 Financial Secretary: Towards carbon neutrality
2021/02/01 Secretary for Justice: Hong Kong continues to be an international legal hub
2021/01/31 Financial Secretary: Developing green and sustainable finance
2021/01/10 Chief Secretary for Administration: Enhancing contact tracing and striving for zero infection   Attracting and nurturing talents to propel Hong Kong forward
2021/01/03 Financial Secretary: Outlook for 2021
2021/01/03 Secretary for Justice: Utilising Hong Kong's unique advantages to support and complement national development
2020/12/27 Chief Secretary for Administration: Use of COVID-19 vaccines based on science and safety   Objective understanding of poverty line given its limitations   TM-CLK Tunnel opening today showcases Hong Kong's infrastructural strength
2020/12/02 Secretary for Justice: Developing LawTech in line with APEC's objective
2020/11/29 Chief Secretary for Administration: Striving ahead with renewed perseverance   Braving wind and rain Walk out of predicament
2020/11/22 Financial Secretary: Safeguard the bottom-line and make way for the future
2020/11/08 Chief Secretary for Administration: Press ahead with integration   Enhance tests to combat epidemic
2020/11/07 Secretary for Justice: Hong Kong Legal Week 2020 successfully held online
2020/11/01 Chief Secretary for Administration: Control the epidemic with precision and perseverance   Grasp opportunities for economic recovery
2020/11/01 Financial Secretary: Our country's new development phase
2020/10/31 Secretary for Justice: To strengthen maritime legal and dispute resolution services
2020/10/26 Secretary for Justice: Capitalise on the GBA development
2020/10/25 Chief Secretary for Administration: Build twin city economy and strong co-operation   Enable youths to grasp opportunities
2020/10/18 Chief Secretary for Administration: Proactively fuse into the country's overall development   Hong Kong will shine brightly as before
2020/10/18 Financial Secretary: Work together, go hand in hand for mutual benefits
2020/10/01 Secretary for Justice: Celebrating the 71st Anniversary of the Founding of the People's Republic of China
2020/08/30 Chief Secretary for Administration: Join Universal Community Testing   Cut virus transmission chains
2020/08/23 Secretary for Development: Cargo clearance facilities at Heung Yuen Wai Boundary Control Point to open first
2020/08/02 Financial Secretary: Battle against the pandemic
2020/08/02 Secretary for Justice: To promote mediation internationally and locally
2020/06/28 Financial Secretary: Towards a new phase
2020/06/21 Chief Secretary for Administration: From uncertainty to stability Creating jobs for the youth
2020/05/31 Financial Secretary: Keep calm amid changes
2020/04/13 Secretary for Justice: COVID-19 Online Dispute Resolution (ODR) Scheme
2020/03/29 Secretary for Financial Services and the Treasury: Marching Forward to Reinforce Hong Kong's Role as an International Insurance and Fund Management Centre
2020/03/08 Secretary for Financial Services and the Treasury: Budget Measures to Promote the Development of the Financial Services Industry
2020/03/01 Financial Secretary: Reaching out
2020/03/01 Secretary for Justice: Harness our strengths in deal-making and dispute resolution under the latest Budget
2019/12/01 Financial Secretary: Efforts to Lead the Way
2019/11/10 Chief Secretary for Administration: Innovation and start-ups drive youth mobility
2019/11/10 Financial Secretary: Marching forward with both offensive and defensive strategies
2019/08/07 Secretary for Justice: Making good use of LawTech in dispute resolution
2019/08/01 Secretary for Justice: Good news for small and medium-sized law firms
2019/07/21 Financial Secretary: Removing tax barriers to raise competitiveness
2019/06/09 Financial Secretary: Glamorous Hong Kong
2019/05/26 Financial Secretary: Application of Innovation and Technology
2019/05/26 Secretary for Justice: Mediate First
2019/05/19 Secretary for Development: Heung Yuen Wai Highway opens on May 26
2019/05/05 Financial Secretary: International cooperation on green finance
2019/04/22 Chief Executive: The Birth of the Hong Kong Laureate Forum
2019/03/03 Chief Secretary for Administration: The Outline Development Plan for the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area: Innovation, Mutual benefits and Synergy
2018/12/02 Chief Secretary for Administration: Reflect on the past and build a brighter future
2018/10/21 Chief Secretary for Administration: Nurturing young talent is a key to the future success of Hong Kong
2018/10/07 Chief Secretary for Administration: Invest in Hong Kong's infrastructure with vision
2018/09/30 Chief Secretary for Administration: Entering a new era and blazing a new trail
2018/09/16 Financial Secretary: Opportunities for Insurance
2018/08/05 Financial Secretary: Visiting the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macau Bay Area
2018/06/10 Chief Secretary for Administration: Soft power of international cultural metropolis
2018/05/06 Chief Secretary for Administration: Debunk the myths over Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Bay Area
2018/04/08 Chief Secretary for Administration: Facilitation measures for HK people on the Mainland
2018/03/25 Chief Secretary for Administration: A cultural hub and liveable city
2018/01/28 Financial Secretary: Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macau Bay Area: Massive opportunities for young people