Date Title
2023/07/12 LCQ5: Electronic Health Record Sharing System
2023/07/12 LCQ13: Hong Kong Pop Culture Festival 2023
2023/07/12 LCQ22: Formulating environmental, social and governance standards
2023/07/12 LCQ3: Talent List
2023/07/12 LCQ14: Developing smart motorways in Northern Metropolis
2023/07/12 LCQ10: Promoting environmental, social and governance development
2023/07/12 LCQ9: Talent admission schemes
2023/07/05 LCQ6: Building strong digital security barrier
2023/07/05 LCQ14: Consolidating Hong Kong's status as international trade centre
2023/07/05 LCQ18: Developing Hong Kong into an East-meets-West centre for international cultural exchange
2023/07/05 LCQ7: Subvented organisations' work on publicising national awareness
2023/06/28 LCQ18: Promoting development of maritime industry
2023/06/28 LCQ11: Standards in Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area
2023/06/28 LCQ4: Further building Hong Kong into an offshore Renminbi hub
2023/06/28 LCQ14: Hong Kong enterprises' investment in fields of innovation and technology on Mainland
2023/06/28 LCQ21: Talent List
2023/06/28 LCQ12: Sector-specific labour importation schemes
2023/06/21 LCQ17: Manpower of optometrists
2023/06/21 LCQ8: Promoting development of standards in Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area
2023/06/21 LCQ13: Public dental services
2023/06/21 LCQ1: Qianhai Shenzhen-Hong Kong Modern Service Industry Cooperation Zone
2023/06/21 LCQ14: Development of green technology
2023/06/21 LCQ9: Fares for cross-boundary journeys on MTR East Rail Line
2023/06/14 LCQ6: Attracting strategic enterprises
2023/06/14 LCQ4: Attracting skilled talents
2023/06/07 LCQ2: Promoting co-operation between Hong Kong and Mainland higher education institutions
2023/06/07 LCQ12: Chinese Medicine Development Fund
2023/06/07 LCQ13: Hong Kong Dollar-Renminbi Dual Counter Model
2023/05/31 LCQ20: Modular Integrated Construction method
2023/05/31 LCQ2: Developing Hong Kong into smart city
2023/05/31 LCQ11: Crowd management at boundary control points
2023/05/31 LCQ4: Enhancing knowledge of the legal regime, laws and regulations of the Mainland
2023/05/31 LCQ7: Hong Kong Investment Corporation Limited
2023/05/24 LCQ5: Attracting visitors to Hong Kong
2023/05/24 LCQ10: Heung Yuen Wai Boundary Control Point
2023/05/24 LCQ15: Manpower of Mainland offices and liaison units of Government
2023/05/24 LCQ1: Promoting development of hydrogen transport
2023/05/17 LCQ21: Promoting cross-border healthcare services
2023/05/17 LCQ11: Assisting Hong Kong Chinese medicine practitioners in practising on Mainland
2023/05/17 LCQ3: Implementing immigration arrangement of joint boundary control system
2023/05/17 LCQ8: Youth uniformed groups
2023/05/17 LCQ13: Greater Bay Area Youth Employment Scheme
2023/05/17 LCQ15: Promoting flow of manpower in Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area
2023/05/10 LCQ3: Railway projects related to the Northern Metropolis
2023/05/10 LCQ18: Mainland Travel Permits for Hong Kong and Macao Residents
2023/05/10 LCQ7: Hong Kong people living in the Mainland cities of the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area
2023/05/03 LCQ12: Recruitment of Hong Kong students graduating from Mainland universities
2023/05/03 LCQ11: Measures to facilitate cross-boundary vehicles
2023/05/03 LCQ8: Improving population policy
2023/05/03 LCQ4: Solving the problem of insufficient manpower for various industries
2023/04/26 LCQ6: Modular Integrated Construction method
2023/04/26 LCQ7: Supporting development of tourism industry
2023/04/26 LCQ17: Coping with flow of inbound and outbound passengers during long holidays
2023/04/26 LCQ11: Hong Kong's efforts to integrate itself into overall development of the country
2023/04/19 LCQ19: Kau Yi Chau Artificial Islands
2023/04/19 LCQ4: Sister School Scheme
2023/04/19 LCQ5: Expediting development of innovation and technology in Hong Kong
2023/04/19 LCQ18: Supporting local enterprises to open up Mainland domestic market
2023/04/19 LCQ11: Facilitating development of cross-border e-commerce
2023/04/17 LegCo: SLW's speaking notes on labour, manpower development and retirement protection policy areas tabled at LegCo Finance Committee special meeting
2023/04/14 LegCo: Opening remarks by SITI at LegCo Finance Committee special meeting
2023/04/13 LegCo: SEE's opening remarks on food safety and environmental hygiene at LegCo Finance Committee special meeting
2023/04/12 LegCo: Opening remarks by S for S at LegCo Finance Committee special meeting
2023/04/12 LegCo: Acting SFST's opening remarks on financial services at LegCo Finance Committee special meeting
2023/03/29 LCQ5: Measures to facilitate travel on the Guangzhou-Shenzhen-Hong Kong Express Rail Link
2023/03/29 LCQ2: Developing into regional intellectual property trading centre
2023/03/29 LCQ13: Expressing gratitude to Mainland personnel who assisted Hong Kong in fighting epidemic
2023/03/22 LCQ5: Mainland study tours of subject of Citizenship and Social Development
2023/03/22 LCQ1: Knowing about applications used on Mainland
2023/03/22 LCQ19: Promoting the development of carbon markets
2023/03/15 LCQ18: Scheme of opening Sha Tau Kok Pier
2023/03/15 LCQ5: Enhancing youth's awareness of natural ecology conservation
2023/03/15 LCQ15: Attracting overseas private equity funds to re-domicile to Hong Kong
2023/03/15 LCQ16: Residence Permits for Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan Residents
2023/02/22 LCQ5: Enhancing national studies training for civil servants
2023/02/22 LCQ3: Development of arts and culture in Hong Kong
2023/02/22 LCQ6: Attracting private equity funds to be domiciled and to operate in Hong Kong
2023/02/15 LCQ4: Developing traditional Chinese medicine
2023/02/15 LCQ18: Telling well the stories of China and Hong Kong SAR
2023/02/15 LCQ22: Work on promoting Hong Kong to Mainland
2023/02/15 LCQ2: Promoting development of innovation and technology
2023/02/15 LCQ14: Promoting informatisation and connectivity of enterprises in Hong Kong and on Mainland
2023/02/15 LCQ11: Solving the problem of manpower shortage
2023/02/08 LCQ2: Introducing a registered nurse practitioners system
2023/02/08 LCQ11: Tokenised green bonds
2023/02/08 LCQ10: Top Talent Pass Scheme
2023/01/18 LCQ4: Speeding up the pace of recovery of the tourism industry
2023/01/18 LCQ10: Hong Kong Qualifications Framework
2023/01/11 LCQ4: Participation by Hong Kong electors on the Mainland in voting in Hong Kong's elections
2023/01/11 LCQ20: Preparatory work for resumption of normal traveller clearance between Mainland and Hong Kong
2023/01/11 LCQ8: Promoting organ donation and cross-boundary matching
2023/01/11 LCQ1: Measures to promote use of Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge
2023/01/11 LCQ13: Greater Bay Area Youth Employment Scheme
2022/12/14 LCQ3: Outflow of financial institutions and talents
2022/12/14 LCQ13: Attracting foreign companies to Hong Kong
2022/12/14 LCQ16: Promoting development of innovation and technology as well as re-industrialisation
2022/12/07 LCQ3: Nurturing legal talents
2022/12/07 LCQ1: Initiatives to "compete for talents"
2022/11/30 LCQ22: Purchase of properties outside Hong Kong
2022/11/23 LCQ3: Promoting the integrated development of culture, sports and tourism
2022/11/23 LCQ6: Facilitating the recovery of the tourism industry
2022/11/23 LCQ1: Promoting the development of Hong Kong into an international virtual assets centre
2022/11/23 LCQ14: External promotion work on attracting talents to Hong Kong
2022/11/16 LCQ21: Developing smart mobility
2022/11/16 LCQ5: Strengthening support for fashion design development
2022/11/16 LCQ11: Immigration Arrangements for Non-local Graduates
2022/11/16 LCQ9: Supply of environmental, social and governance-related professionals
2022/11/09 LCQ12: Mainland offices of the SAR Government
2022/11/09 LCQ2: Re-establishing Hong Kong's good reputation as "events capital"
2022/11/09 LCQ7: Recognition of Hong Kong professional qualifications by Mainland
2022/11/09 LCQ20: Support for fishermen amid epidemic
2022/11/09 LCQ3: Human resources plans needed for realising "eight centres" positioning
2022/11/09 LCQ19: Developing Hong Kong's bond market
2022/11/02 LCQ21: Support for young people
2022/11/02 LCQ5: Attracting leading talents
2022/11/02 LCQ3: "Belt and Road" comprehensive services platform
2022/10/26 LCQ4: Proactive integration into development of Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area
2022/10/26 LCQ8: Promoting cross-border linkage of medical services between Guangdong and Hong Kong
2022/10/26 LCQ1: Developing into an East-meets-West centre for international cultural exchange
2022/10/24 LegCo: LegCo to consider Mainland Judgments in Civil and Commercial Matters (Reciprocal Enforcement) Bill
2022/07/13 LCQ6: Work on publicising and promoting Hong Kong
2022/07/13 LCQ3: Examination fees for Hong Kong Diploma of Secondary Education Examination
2022/07/13 LCQ12: Promoting alignment of rules between Hong Kong and Mainland on vocational qualifications
2022/07/13 LCQ8: Shenzhen-Hong Kong Innovation and Technology Co-operation Zone
2022/07/13 LCQ16: Cross-boundary land transport arrangements amid the epidemic
2022/07/13 LCQ1: Collaboration between Government and social organisations
2022/07/13 LCQ10: Guangdong Scheme and Fujian Scheme
2022/07/06 LCQ6: Setting up "wealth fund"
2022/07/06 LCQ19: Helping logistics industry enhance competitiveness
2022/07/06 LCQ8: Management of data of public and private organisations
2022/06/22 LCQ17: Special testing arrangement for travelling to Mainland or Macao
2022/06/22 LCQ12: Enhancing the recognition of the Qualifications Framework
2022/06/15 LCQ3: Enhancing Hong Kong's international image through postage stamps
2022/06/15 LCQ15: Promoting work relevant to youth
2022/06/15 LCQ8: Statistical classification of manufacturing industry
2022/06/08 LCQ1: Developing traditional Chinese medicine to complement national plan
2022/06/08 LCQ7: Arrangement for licence renewal of Guangdong-Hong Kong cross-boundary vehicles
2022/06/08 LCQ18: Facilitating Mainland students to pursue further studies in Hong Kong
2022/06/08 LCQ10: Supply of talents
2022/06/01 LCQ4: Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership
2022/06/01 LCQ6: Development planning for air transport networks
2022/06/01 LCQ21: Handling of styrofoam waste
2022/06/01 LCQ3: Development of innovation and technology in Hong Kong
2022/06/01 LCQ2: Hong Kong as global offshore Renminbi business hub
2022/05/25 LCQ7: Promoting market integration in Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area
2022/05/25 LCQ18: Strengthening cross-boundary intermodal transshipment
2022/05/25 LCQ4: Promoting development of Chinese medicine
2022/05/25 LCQ12: Consolidating Hong Kong's position as international maritime centre
2022/05/25 LCQ5: Promoting development of innovation and technology
2022/05/25 LCQ22: Enhancing the competitiveness of the securities market of Hong Kong
2022/05/18 LCQ5: Promoting development of digital economy
2022/05/18 LCQ14: Promoting liquidity of stock market
2022/05/16 LegCo to debate motion on actively dovetailing with Qianhai Plan to expedite integration into overall development of the country
2022/05/11 LCQ6: Development of innovation and technology and advanced industries
2022/05/11 LCQ22: Consolidating Hong Kong's status as international financial centre
2022/05/11 LCQ2: Agreement on Development Strategies for the Accounting Profession in Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao
2022/05/11 LCQ7: Co-ordination between Hong Kong International Airport and neighbouring airports
2022/05/11 LCQ8: Encouraging young people to pursue development in Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area
2022/05/04 LCQ3: Post-secondary institutions
2022/05/04 LCQ16: Attracting China Concept Stock companies to list in Hong Kong
2022/05/04 LCQ10: Collaboration between Hong Kong and Mainland securities markets
2022/05/04 LCQ4: Demand for and supply of technology talents
2022/04/27 LCQ11: Civil Service Staff Exchange Programme
2022/04/27 LCQ4: Consolidating Hong Kong's status as an international aviation hub
2022/04/27 LCQ15: Development of green finance
2022/04/27 LCQ7: Cross-boundary Wealth Management Connect Scheme in Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area
2022/04/11 LegCo: Opening remarks by STH on transport at LegCo Finance Committee special meeting
2022/04/11 LegCo: SFST's opening remarks on financial services at LegCo Finance Committee special meeting
2022/04/06 LCQ3: Outflow of professionals and capital
2022/04/06 LCQ17: Values education on national identity
2022/04/06 LCQ8: Hong Kong Health Code
2022/02/23 LCQ8: Enhancing Hong Kong's status as an international maritime centre
2022/02/23 LCQ3: Hong Kong residents living on Mainland
2022/02/23 LCQ5: Promoting use of mediation to resolve disputes
2022/02/23 LCQ13: Development of digital economy
2022/02/23 LCQ10: Developing Hong Kong into green finance centre
2022/02/23 LCQ22: 15th National Games in 2025
2022/02/16 LCQ13: Development planning for Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area
2022/02/16 LCQ14: Supporting wholesale and retail sectors in developing e-commerce
2022/02/16 LCQ19: Supply of innovation and technology talents
2022/02/16 LCQ18: Developing Hong Kong into international innovation and technology hub
2022/02/16 LCQ8: Facilitating exchange activities on the Mainland for Hong Kong young people amid the epidemic
2022/02/16 LCQ20: Greater Bay Area Youth Employment Scheme
2022/01/26 LCQ22: Proposed Culture, Sports and Tourism Bureau
2022/01/26 LCQ15: Application of Central Bank Digital Currency in Hong Kong
2022/01/19 LCQ5: The Northern Metropolis Development Strategy
2022/01/19 LCQ20: Supporting young people to go to Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area for development
2022/01/19 LCQ15: Quality Migrant Admission Scheme
2021/10/27 LCQ13: Anti-epidemic measures
2021/10/27 LCQ15: Understanding real life of middle class
2021/10/27 LCQ2: Human resources planning for innovation and technology
2021/10/20 LCQ4: Tourism development planning for Hong Kong
2021/10/20 LCQ1: Grasping opportunities brought by Mainland's expanded domestic demand
2021/10/20 LCQ17: Promoting sports development
2021/09/29 LCQ19: Development and manufacture of medicines by local biotechnology industry
2021/09/29 LCQ4: Resumption of normal traveller clearance between Hong Kong and Mainland
2021/09/15 LCQ10: Using Hong Kong drugs and medical devices in Greater Bay Area
2021/09/15 LCQ11: Shenzhen-Hong Kong Innovation and Technology Co-operation Zone
2021/09/15 LCQ21: Policy on public light buses
2021/09/08 LCQ16: Attracting talents to come to Hong Kong
2021/09/08 LCQ9: Supporting professional services sectors
2021/09/08 LCQ15: Public transport services
2021/09/01 LCQ6: Support for enterprises amid epidemic
2021/08/18 LCQ16: Public's Putonghua standard
2021/07/21 LCQ17: Encouraging and facilitating members of public to receive vaccination
2021/07/21 LCQ14: Cross-boundary Wealth Management Connect
2021/07/14 LCQ11: Promoting development of Hong Kong
2021/07/14 LCQ2: "LeaveHomeSafe" mobile app and electronic vaccination records
2021/07/14 LCQ22: Hong Kong's global competitiveness in innovation and technology
2021/07/14 LCQ18: "iAM Smart" mobile application
2021/07/07 LCQ22: Job Creation Scheme
2021/07/07 LCQ1: Public understanding of the Communist Party of China
2021/07/07 LCQ15: Support for Hong Kong people suffering from illnesses on the Mainland
2021/06/23 LCQ13: Facilitating measures for Hong Kong people vaccinated outside Hong Kong
2021/06/23 LCQ15: International competitiveness of Pearl River Delta port cluster
2021/06/23 LCQ14: Promoting development of innovation and technology as well as re-industrialisation
2021/06/16 LCQ10: Supporting cross-boundary passenger service sector
2021/06/16 LCQ17: Remitting Renminbi to the Mainland
2021/06/09 LCQ11: Import and export trading of pharmaceutical products and medicines
2021/06/09 LCQ18: Mutual recognition of vaccination records
2021/06/09 LCQ9: Biotechnology and healthcare technology
2021/06/02 LCQ4: New norm of tourism industry
2021/06/02 LCQ3: Uncertain prospects faced by import and export trade
2021/06/02 LCQ5: Re-industrialisation in Hong Kong
2021/05/26 LCQ3: Achieving the carbon neutrality target
2021/05/26 LCQ21: San Tin/Lok Ma Chau Development Node
2021/05/26 LCQ8: Development of digital economy
2021/05/12 LCQ9: Pursuing development in the Mainland cities of the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area
2021/05/12 LCQ6: Free cross-boundary broadcast of Mainland and Hong Kong television programmes
2021/05/12 LCQ7: Assisting the development of young people in the Greater Bay Area
2021/05/12 LCQ12: Rights and interests of online shoppers
2021/05/05 LCQ14: Research and development centres and parks for innovation and technology
2021/04/28 LCQ19: Enhancing Hong Kong's status as an international financial centre
2021/04/28 LCQ8: Maintaining Hong Kong's status and competitiveness in international community
2021/04/28 LCQ7: Promoting development of maritime and port industries
2021/04/21 LCQ5: Cross-boundary cultural exchange activities
2021/04/21 LCQ17: COVID-19 Vaccination Programme
2021/04/21 LCQ12: Projects receiving the funding support of the Innovation and Technology Fund
2021/04/16 LegCo: SLW's speaking notes on labour policy areas tabled at LegCo Finance Committee special meeting
2021/04/15 LegCo: Opening remarks by SDEV on works policy areas at LegCo Finance Committee special meeting
2021/04/14 LegCo: Opening remarks by SHA at LegCo Finance Committee special meeting
2021/04/13 LegCo: SFST's speech on financial services at LegCo Finance Committee special meeting
2021/03/24 LCQ1: Governance and management of RTHK
2021/03/24 LCQ14: Assisting enterprises in exploring overseas business opportunities
2021/03/17 LCQ4: Development of lands surrounding various boundary crossings
2021/03/17 LCQ12: Unemployment problem
2021/03/17 LCQ1: Supporting employers and employees affected by epidemic
2021/03/17 LCQ7: Supporting manufacturing industry and promoting re-industrialisation
2021/02/24 LCQ20: Measures on promoting development of Art Tech
2021/02/24 LCQ7: Foreign companies' regional headquarters and offices in Hong Kong
2021/02/03 LCQ20: Development of the lands currently or formerly in the Frontier Closed Area
2021/02/03 LCQ2: Supporting cross-boundary passenger service sector
2021/02/03 LCQ1: Provision of assistance for the unemployed
2021/02/03 LCQ4: Measures to safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of Hong Kong people
2021/01/27 LCQ2: Development of livestock industry
2021/01/27 LCQ3: Study tour activities to the Mainland
2021/01/27 LCQ14: Facilitating the architectural and engineering sectors to start business and practise in the Greater Bay Area
2021/01/20 LCQ12: Regulation and development of Chinese medicine
2021/01/20 LCQ17: Services provided to young people and working youth
2021/01/20 LCQ4: Return2hk Scheme
2021/01/13 LCQ6: Traffic and transport studies
2021/01/13 LCQ1: Procurement of drugs and high-value medical supplies
2021/01/06 LCQ4: Encouraging the youth to develop careers on the Mainland
2020/12/16 LCQ2: Suggestion to split Transport and Housing Bureau
2020/12/16 LCQ16: Development of innovation and technology
2020/12/09 LCQ1: Quota-free scheme for Hong Kong private cars travelling to Guangdong via the HZMB
2020/12/02 LCQ5: Development of the border zone
2020/12/02 LCQ8: Cross-boundary railway projects
2020/12/02 LCQ11: Development of the biomedicine industry
2020/12/02 LCQ12: Retraining for the unemployed and underemployed
2020/11/18 LCQ18: Proposed "Joint Policy Package" for Hong Kong and Shenzhen
2020/11/18 LCQ3: Assist the youth in securing employment
2020/11/18 LCQ14: Hong Kong people purchasing properties in the Greater Bay Area
2020/11/18 LCQ9: Facilitating Hong Kong's integration into Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area
2020/11/18 LCQ10: Hong Kong's youth developing career and studying on Mainland
2020/11/11 LCQ18: Immigration-related transport infrastructure facilities
2020/11/04 LCQ9: Youth exchange and internship activities on the Mainland
2020/11/04 LCQ14: Innovation and Technology Fund
2020/10/21 LCQ11: Development of central bank digital currency
2020/06/17 LCQ4: Promoting development of innovation and technology
2020/06/17 LCQ17: Impacts of the revocation of Hong Kong's special trade status
2020/05/06 LCQ11: Declining competitiveness of Hong Kong
2020/04/29 LCQ15: Promoting research and development activities
2020/04/22 LCQ16: Innovation and Technology Fund
2020/04/22 LCQ20: Steering Committee on Innovation and Technology
2020/04/22 LCQ17: New patent system
2020/04/06 LegCo: SFST's speech on financial services at LegCo Finance Committee special meeting
2020/03/18 LCQ19: Promoting development of innovation and technology
2020/01/15 LCQ13: Offshore Renminbi businesses
2019/12/18 LCQ14: Hong Kong as an international arbitration hub
2019/12/11 LCQ19: Qualifications Framework
2019/12/04 LCQ20: Facilitating construction professionals to practise in Greater Bay Area
2019/12/04 LCQ5: Use of elderly health care vouchers on the Mainland
2019/10/30 LCQ1: Attracting innovation and technology talents
2019/06/19 LCQ8: Tourism Federation of Cities in Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area
2019/06/05 LCQ5: Healthcare services for Hong Kong people living in Greater Bay Area
2019/05/29 LCQ15: Application of blockchain technology
2019/05/22 LCQ19: Innovation and Technology Venture Fund
2019/05/15 LCQ4: Assisting enterprises in upgrading and restructuring operations
2019/05/15 LCQ5: Development of the Chinese medicine industry
2019/05/15 LCQ9: Provision of training on innovation and technology for working people
2019/01/30 LCQ3: The boundary control point at Liantang/Heung Yuen Wai
2019/01/23 LCQ10: Development of the Hong Kong insurance trade in the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area
2018/10/31 LCQ4: Impacts on Hong Kong people by an amendment to the tax law on the Mainland
2018/10/24 LCQ9: Supporting development of innovation and technology industry
2018/10/24 LCQ16: Nurturing and import of information technology talents
2018/02/28 LCQ8: Supporting local artists and arts groups to conduct cross-boundary cultural exchanges
2018/02/07 LCQ5: Framework Agreement on Hygiene and Health Cooperation of Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Bay Area
2018/01/24 LCQ2: Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge
2018/01/10 LCQ11: Measures facilitating Hong Kong people and enterprises in the development of careers and businesses on the Mainland
2017/12/13 LCQ6: Facilitating Hong Kong people to start businesses and take up employment in Mainland cities within Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Bay Area
2017/11/01 LCQ4: Measures to boost innovation and technology development