Certain Implementation Measures for the "Zhuhai Talent Scheme" to Speed Up and Accumulate Start-up and Innovative Talents (for Trial Implementation)

25 June 2018

The Zhuhai municipal government supports attraction of talents from Hong Kong and Macao. The plan introduced facilitative measures to support youths from Hong Kong and Macao in areas including daily life, transportation and housing, as well as internship programmes, and exemption from provision of tax payment certificate and social security documents to purchase flats. The plan also provides various public services for talents, including business and tax registration, immigration, education, housing, medical and public cultural services.


The Zhuhai municipal government (“Zhuhai”) has implemented the “Zhuhai Talent Programme”, with detailed policies as follows:

  1. Recruiting top notch talents

    Top talent, such as Nobel prize winners, academicians of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and Chinese Academy of Engineering, can apply for RMB2 million cash reward and RMB6 million housing subsidies.

  2. Supporting top level management

    First, second and third-tier professionals can enjoy cash reward and housing subsidies.

  3. Supporting innovative companies and innovative entrepreneurship teams

    Provide innovative companies and innovative entrepreneurship teams up to RMB100 million funding.

  4. Attracting overseas talents

    Provide outstanding global startups run by young entrepreneurs with funds of RMB150,000 to RMB1 million. The most outstanding projects could receive up to RMB5 million.

  5. Awarding enterprises who promote scientific and technological development and innovative talents

    Award local enterprises who cultivate professionals in the fields of scientific research and development, and business management.

  6. Rewarding the accelerated growth of doctorate and postdoctorate talents

    Provide RMB500,000 subsidy for the setup of new doctorate research stations, RMB250,000 allowance to full-time doctorates below the age of 40, and up to RMB1 million as a one-off subsidy for setting up doctorate research stations.

  7. Developing youth innovative talents

    Full-time undergraduates, within 3 years upon graduation, can settle down in Zhuahi and register for housing by presenting their graduate certificate before employment. 

  8. Supporting the development of hi-tech talents

    Zhuhai will award chief technicians and provide one-off subsidiary of up to RMB1 million for using Zhuhai as a model base for nurturing hi-tech talents.  Teams who win the international, national and provincial-level competitions will also receive up to RMB1 million in funding.

  9. Supporting the career development of Hong Kong and Macao talents

    For professionals from Hong Kong and Macao, they can enjoy support in living, transportation, housing as well as internships opportunities. 

  10. Implementing housing benefits for talents

    Provide talents with housing subsidies and exemption of social insurance payment certificate to purchase housing.

  11. Strengthening market independence

    Allow enterprises to have authority to assess and retain talents as well as assisting housing and education for their children.

  12. Widening talent seeking and introduction channels

    Organise regular international competitions to attract talents from overseas.

  13. Attracting talents with an open mind

    Encourage Zhuhai enterprises to develop project cooperation and technical guidance.  Provide up to RMB400,000 salary subsidy to employers who recruit for overseas talents for short-term secondment.  Encourage Zhuhai enterprises to setup research centres in overseas, and will provide up to RMB6 million subsidy.

  14. Setting up an innovation and entrepreneurship fund

    Inject RMB20 million for the first phase of the fund.

  15. Encouraging advanced academic exchange

    Encourage well-known research institutions in the Mainland and overseas to organise conferences and will provide subsidies of not more than RMB6 million.

  16. Public service guarantees

    Issue "Talent identity cards" to talents from Hong Kong and Macao to provide convenience in areas such as business and tax registration, immigration, education, housing, medical and public cultural services.

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