Notice from the Office of the People's Government of Foshan on the Implementation Rules for Promoting Sustainable Development on Foshan's Industrial Investment (2019-2020)(Fo Fu Ban Han [2019] No.387)

2 July 2019

The Office of the People's Government of Foshan issued a notice on the “Implementation rules for promoting sustainable development on Foshan's industrial investment (2019-2020)” on 2 July 2019. Details include promoting a streamlined administration to attract more investments, strengthening the security of land use and grasping the opportunities of handling key projects and major industrial constructions. To ensure a smooth implementation, the notice also lists out the financial subsidies and technical award policies that would be provided, setting up of special funds and enhancing the collaboration between the government, financial institutions and enterprises, etc. It aims to increase the financial support for industrial enterprises and promote more industrial investments.

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