Notice from Guangzhou Nansha New District (Nansha Free Trade Zone) on Several Measures to Support the Development of the International Financial Island

14 October 2019

The Nansha Development and Reform Bureau has issued a notice on several measures to support the development of the international financial island on 14 October 2019. The policy measures provide a number of support to enterprises that meet the relevant conditions from 6 directions, which include supporting the development of financial enterprises, high-end industries and industrial talents, increasing support for public services, improving the international legal service system, and jointly exploring innovative financial development. Among them, there are specific incentives and treatments for Hong Kong and Macao enterprises and talents in sections of support of high-end industries and industrial talents, support for public services, improvement of international legal service system and exploration of innovative financial development. The policy also proposes corresponding safeguards for improving the organization and coordination mechanism, ensuring the implementation of policies and increasing publicity.

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