The Central Government announced the Regulations for Application of Residence Permit for Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan Residents (the Regulations) on 16 August 2018. The Regulations will be implemented on 1 September this year. According to the Regulations, Hong Kong residents living in the Mainland who meet the relevant criteria can apply for residence permits. A residence permit holder is entitled to enjoy, in accordance with the law, three categories of rights, six basic public services and nine facilitation measures in the place where he or she is residing, covering areas relating to daily living including employment, education, medical care, travel, financial services and so on.

Three categories of rights

  1. Employment
  2. Participation in social security scheme
  3. Payment to, withdrawal from and use of Housing Provident Fund

Six basic public services

  1. Free education
  2. Basic public employment services
  3. Basic public hygiene services
  4. Public cultural and sports services
  5. Legal assistance and other legal services
  6. Other basic public services provided by the Country and place of residence

Nine facilitation measures

  1. Transportation, such as domestic flights, trains, etc.
  2. Hotel accommodation
  3. Financial services, such as banking, insurance, securities and futures transaction, etc.
  4. Same treatment as Mainland residents in various kinds of consumer activities, such as shopping, purchase of entry tickets for parks and cultural and sports facilities, participation in cultural and entertainment activities, etc.
  5. Application for vehicle registration in place of residence
  6. Application for vehicle driving permits in place of residence
  7. Application for vocational qualification examinations and certificates in place of residence
  8. Application for birth registration services in place of residence
  9. Other facilitation measures provided by the Country and place of residence
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