Response from the People's Government of Guangdong Province on the 2839th Proposal Raised in the First Session of the 13th National People's Congress (YueFuHan [2018] No. 277)

1 August 2018

The Guangdong provincial government replied on 1 August 2018 regarding measures on promoting convenience of customs clearance, people flow and capital flow in the Greater Bay Area. The reply also mentioned the issuance of the "Shenzhen-Hong Kong Technological Innovation Cooperation Zone Development Plan (2018-2035)" and measures regarding the cross border usage of financial and technological funds in Hong Kong. Besides, the Shenzhen government will consider simplifying the administrative procedures for cross-border motor vehicles, and developing the Lok Ma Chau Loop area.


The Guangdong provincial government responded on 1 August 2018 regarding measures to promote facilitation of customs clearance, people flow and capital flow in the Greater Bay Area.

The Shenzhen municipal government and the Hong Kong SAR Government jointly signed the "Memorandum on Jointly Developing the Lok Ma Chau Loop". Both parties have begun their plans in line with the Mainland's National policy of opening up the Loop area, and accelerating the cooperative zone for research and related construction projects.

To create a more accessible environment for Hong Kong and Macao residents for education and employment in Shenzhen, the Shenzhen government issued the "Research Report of policy and measures on facilitating the development of the Hong Kong and Macao residents in Shenzhen".

The Ministry of Science and Technology and Ministry of Finance have jointly issued the "Notice on the Issuance of Several Provisions on Encouraging Institutes of Higher Learning and Research Institutions in the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region and Macao Special Administrative Region to Take Part in the Organisation and Implementation of the Central Government Science and Technology Programme (Special Projects, Funds, etc.) (for Trial Implementation)", to attract Hong Kong and Macao-based research establishments, as well as universities / colleges to fully take advantage of the funding opportunities offered by the central government's Science and Technology Programme.

The governments of Shenzhen and Hong Kong have set up the "Joint Task Force on the Development of the HK-Shenzhen Innovation and Technology Park in the Loop", to explore and discuss the issues on the development of the Loop area. The Shenzhen government has set up a lead team for building the Shenzhen-Hong Kong technological innovation special cooperative zone, and strengthening cooperation between Shenzhen and Hong Kong within the cooperative zone. Besides, both governments have set up an annual meeting system, frequent communication mechanism among top management and advancement system for works in other areas, in order to motivate the exchange and cooperation between the two regions.

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