Circular of the General Office of the State Council on Issuing the Measures for Applying for and Issuing Residence Permits for Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan Residents (GuoBanFa [2018] No.81)

6 August 2018

Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macao residents who have stayed in the Mainland for more than six months with stable job, stable residence or continuing studies in the Mainland will be able to apply for residence permits in order to enhance their access to basic social welfare and services, for instance, in the areas of education, entrepreneurship, employment and living aspects, in the Mainland.


The "Measures Regarding the Application for Mainland Residence Permits by Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan Residents" published by the General Office of the State Council will take effect on 1 September 2018. Once the measures are implemented, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan residents who live in the Chinese mainland for over half a year with legitimate and stable occupation, legitimate and stable residence or continuous education can voluntarily apply for the Mainland Residence Permits. For Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan residents who are under the age of 16, their guardians can apply the Mainland Residence Permits on their behalf.

Application procedure and required documents

When applying for the Mainland Residence Permits, applicants shall complete the "Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan Residents Mainland Residence Permits application form" and submit the relevant travel permit (i.e. Mainland Travel Permit for Hong Kong and Macao Residents or the Mainland Travel Permit for Taiwan Residents) and other materials, including proof of residence address, proof of employment or proof of education to local public security bureaus. Applications shall be processed within 20 working days. Each Mainland Residence Permits is valid for five years.

Rights granted to the Mainland Residence Permits holders

With Mainland Residence Permits, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan Residents will be entitled to rights of employment, right to participate in social insurance and right to deposit, withdraw and use of housing provident fund. They can be entitled to the following basic public services areas:-

  1. compulsory education;
  2. basic public employment services;
  3. basic public health services;
  4. public cultural and sports services;
  5. legal aid and other legal services; and
  6. other basic public services as defined by the State and the place of residence.

They can be entitle to convenience in the following aspects:-

  1. domestic flights, trains and other means of transportation;
  2. hotel accommodation;
  3. handling financial transactions including banking, insurance, securities and futures etc.;
  4. having same treatment as Mainland residences in purchasing tickets for parks and various cultural and sports venues, having cultural and entertainment activities;
  5. registration of motor vehicles at the place of residence;
  6. application for motor vehicle driving license at the place of residence;
  7. application for vocational qualification examination at the place of residence and application for vocational qualification;
  8. birth registration at the place of residence; and
  9. other facilities provided by the State and the place of residence.
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