Notice from the People's Government of Dongguan on Electronic Business Licence Application (Dong Fu [2019] No. 14)

15 February 2019

On 15 February 2019, the Office of the People's Government of Dongguan issued a notice about fully digitalising business licence application process. The notice is valid from 15 February 2019 to 31 December 2023. From the effective date onwards, applicants may apply via internet with electronic document for business licences applications to the Dongguan Administration of Market Regulation (registration authority). Upon the registration authority's review of the application, the registration authority may issue physical or electronic copies of the business licenses in accordance with national regulations.


The Office of the People's Government of Dongguan issued the “Measures on Electronic Business Licence Application” on 15 February 2019 (“the Measures”). The Measures are effective from 15 February 2019 and valid till 31 December 2023.




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