Response from the People's Government of Guangdong Province on the 4096th Proposal Raised in the First Session of the 13th National People's Congress (YueFuHan [2018] No. 276)

1 August 2018

The Guangdong provincial government replied on 1 August 2018 regarding measures to attract youths in Hong Kong to develop their career in Shenzhen. The government will include Hong Kong and Macao students in Shenzhen into the scope of public services and compulsory education, and offer subsidies to them. For eligible talents of Hong Kong and Macao, their children can also enjoy benefits in education in Shenzhen as local students.


The Guangdong provincial government responded on 1 August 2018 regarding measures to attract youths in Hong Kong to develop their career in Shenzhen.

  1. Tax incentive

    Financial subsidy based on differences between the Mainland and overseas individual income tax for qualified high caliber and talents who worked in Qianhai are exempted from individual income tax in the Mainland.

  2. Education

    Hong Kong and Macao students with either parent holding a valid Shenzhen Economic Region Identity Card are entitled to compulsory education.

    Hong Kong and Macao students may apply for schooling in Shenzhen under the point system.

    The Shenzhen government will also offer subsidies (same as non-Shenzhen resident students) to Hong Kong and Macao students. The government would grant subsidies for students who cannot enroll in Shenzhen public schools and have to enroll in Shenzhen private schools due to insufficient entry points. The standard subsidies are RMB 7,000 and RMB 9,000 per year for primary school and secondary school respectively.

    The Shenzhen government values the importance of setting up schools for Hong Kong residents. In particular, the government will set up "Hong Kong student classes", particularly nurturing teachers to be qualified for the Hong Kong education standard. Besides, upon graduation from these "Hong Kong- student primary schools", the students can participate in the Secondary School Places Allocation in Hong Kong.

  3. Housing

    Hong Kong youth talents employed or started businesses in Shenzhen who are recognized as high caliber elites may be entitled to a certain level of housing welfare according to the housing policy.

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