Notice on Housing Normalisation and Application for Low-rent Housing for Talents in the Qianhai Co-operation Zone

20 August 2018

The Authority of Qianhai has set up 1,645 new units available to local and foreign high-calibre talents (including Hong Kong enterprise talents) and talents in high demand in the Qianhai Co-operation Zone for rent. Eligible persons may apply through their employers. The measure is valid for 6 months from 20 August 2018 onwards.


The authority of Qianhai is implementing low-rent housing for foreign high-calibre and talented individuals.

  1. There are 1,645 low-rent units available for application.
  2. Eligible persons or enterprises include:
    1. Enterprises that have registered or operated in Qianhai and have agreed to remain in Qianhai in the next two years.
    2. Institutions or social groups that provide a public service for the development of Qianhai.
    3. High-calibre talents that can fill skill shortages.
  3. Applicants are ranked by category; priority will be given to the top ranked applicants. Applicants operating within the Qianhai Cooperation Zone are also given priority.
  4. Online applications for the low-rent housing will be available on 20 August 2018.
  5. The benchmark rent is RMB32 / month / square meter and the property management fee is RMB3.2 / month / square meter.
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