Notice on Announcing the "Superior Talent Card" Action Plan in Hengqin

28 August 2018

The Hengqin social affairs bureau has issued a "Superior talent card" action plan for foreign talents on 28 August 2018. Eligible foreign talents can enjoy rental allowances and other benefits, including housing and child education, medical and healthcare.


The Hengqin New District is implementing and establishing new policies to attract foreign high-calibre talents.

The "Superior talent card" will provide security over the talent's right to settlement, and access for their children's education, public health services and other public services.

Eligible persons include those that fill the skill shortages and market demands, as well as scientists, science and technology leaders, international entrepreneurs, technicians and other talents that meet the prescribed standards. There are no age, education or work experience restrictions. The high-calibre talents must have obtained the "Foreigner Work Permit (Class A)".

Rental subsidies, living expense allowances, settlement benefits, children education benefits, and public health services may be provided to eligible high-calibre talents.

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